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From beginner to advanced.


November 25, 2020

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A home security checklist can be a useful tool for determining how safe your home is. While it’s great to invest in a home security system, there are plenty of other opportunities to strengthen your home security.

Below are tasks you can complete to protect your home better. We broke each set of recommendations down between basic, intermediate, and advanced actions.

Basic home security

Whether you have a security system or not, there are many home safety tasks you should consider taking care of around your home.

Deadbolt door locks

When it comes to home security basics, you may already have many safety features in place. Most exterior doors come standard with deadbolt locks, but installing deadbolts is a must if your doors don’t have them.

Window locks

Window locks should also come standard on all windows. Lock your windows when you’re not home, even on second- or third-floor levels where you think a burglar won’t reach. If you’re out of town for a while, there’s nothing to stop a potential burglar from bringing a ladder to access upper stories.

Doors made of dense wood or metal

Make sure your doors are made of sturdy material. Exterior doors (especially backdoors) get weathered over the years.

If any of your doors are weak, it’s time to replace them. A thief can easily kick in a flimsy door, especially if it doesn’t feature a deadbolt lock.

Trimmed bushes

Also, make sure to trim bushes around your home, as tall bushes provide burglars a place to hide as they case your home or run from an alarm.

Motion-activated floodlights

An extra precaution that can take your home security system to another level is motion-activated floodlights. Floodlights will automatically turn on when their infrared sensors detect motion, making some burglars think that someone is home watching. Place these above your garage door or by your front porch.

Home security yard sign

Lastly, a home security yard sign can tell potential intruders that your home is monitored even if it isn’t. Of course, it’s better to get an actual home security system than using a sign as your only form of deterrent.


Some of these intermediate security features come standard in many home security system packages. Most home security companies will offer security cameras that can record at 720p, with some options that can record at 1080p. Depending on the seller, you can check the live feed on a smartphone app or a secure website.

HD security cameras

If you put the camera in a conspicuous place, such as your front or back porch by a door, burglars will be more apt to stay away.

Door and window sensors

As for door and window sensors, these are wireless devices attached to your door or windowsill. These devices operate with two plastic pieces placed next to each other and communicate an alarm whenever the pieces separate. Thus, when someone opens a door or window when your home is armed, the alarm will sound.


Advance home security systems offer smart home features that help you regulate your home even when you’re away.

Remote locking doors

Remote locking doors are helpful when you leave home and forget to twist your deadbolts. Through a handy smartphone app, you can command your door to lock even if you’re halfway around the world. All you need is internet access.

Remote lights

With remote lights, you can regulate your lights to turn on and off whenever you please, creating the illusion that someone is home. This will turn burglars away in pursuit of an easy target.

Remote garage door control

Remote garage door controls also work the same way remote lights and door locks do.

HD security video cloud storage

HD cloud storage has also become more helpful if you happen to experience a break-in. If you’ve enabled cloud storage from your HD video cameras, you can send the video files to your local police department to help them identify the perpetrator.

Smoke and fire monitoring

Advanced home security features will also have smoke and fire monitoring, which will dispatch emergency responders if your home catches fire and you’re not around.

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Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

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