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Three surprising facts about this type of shutter.


September 10, 2020

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While security shutters are not yet widely adopted in home security systems, they provide an additional layer of security to homeowners. Doors and windows with shutters act as a superior deterrent to burglars, who often take advantage of patio doors and windows for easy break-ins. The reality of home security today is marked by an  increased prevalence of home break-ins that leave homeowners missing valuable property. Burglars can sometimes maneuver security glazing and alarm systems put in place to enhance the security of your windows and doors.

Here are three facts about why you should consider security shutters:

They Offer Record-breaking Burglar-proof Security

The typical burglar targets homes with inadequate security. However, properties with security shutters are harder to break into. Deploying security shutters discourages burglars from attempting to break-in into your home.

It is near impossible for an intruder to break your glass window or the door when it is shielded by a security shutter.

Enjoy Unrivaled Fireproof/Temperature Regulation and Anti-vandalism Capacity

Apart from deterring intruders, security shutters are highly reliable in preventing vandalism of windows. For most burglars, the action of theft involves breaking glass windows or a door to get a view of potential valuables before continuing with a burglary attempt. Security shutters are rigid and impenetrable. Burglars are not even able to touch your windows behind the shutter rollers.

Security shutters also serve as temperature regulation controls. External shutters provide shade to your home, keeping it cool when the temperatures are high. Additionally, security shutters are made of durable metal, making them fire-resistant, too. If an extreme burglar attempted a break-in by setting your door or windows on fire, they would have little to no success if you have security shutters installed.

What makes it possible for security shutters to withstand excessive heat, fires, and vandalism is their standardized quality when being manufactured. A security rating is issued for every type of shutter available in the market. Typically, home security shutters have security rating of 1, which is designed for residential properties.

Aesthetic Add-ons to Your Home Design

Some people feel that security shutters are ugly and not a good fit for homes. They dismiss shutters because of aesthetic concerns and trust that CCTV and alarm systems will protect their homes. However, not all security shutters are aesthetically unappealing.

There are new color-striped shutters available on the market today, and they are designed to match the color of your home. Modern security shutters have a minimalist approach with small pelmet boxes. Security shutters for homes are made of a sturdy, yet aesthetic, material to make your home appealing even when you choose to install them externally. Home security shutters today come in distinct colors, and you can easily choose your preferred color to match your home.

Security shutters can also cover the facilities outside your home, such as the garage.  Security shutters are not an afterthought when it comes to security service providers. They are an integral part of home security solutions.

With Brinks Home™, you can get a  customized home security solution  for your home. We provide monitored home security systems that are superior to unmonitored standalone camera systems, which can be susceptible to burglars.

Krista Bruton is a DFW-based writer who covers smart home security and consumer protection.

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