Ultimate Guide to Fixing Your Wifi Network

How to connect your devices and reset your modem and router

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You know when you’re in the middle of an upload and your connection stalls or you’re at the end of a good movie and the screen freezes? It’s a pain when your devices are not connecting to WiFi. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy this issue. Here’s how to fix your WiFi or reset your router when you can’t connect to your network. We’ve also included troubleshooting tips to help you reconnect devices — whether it’s your security cameras or your iPad — in the event of a network outage.

Check your modem and router

Before you even call tech support, a simple solution may be right in front of you. Give these troubleshooting tips a try:

  • Restart your router and modem. Your first and sometimes best line of defense is to unplug everything, wait one minute, and plug it all back in.

  • Inspect your network components. Are all the cable connections to your router and modem securely in place?

  • Take a look at your browser tabs. A slow-loading website could decrease your connection performance. Close any tabs you may have open.

  • Evaluate your location. Are you too far away from your router? If you’re trying to connect to the internet outside, for instance, you may need WiFi range extenders or a mesh network.

  • Re-enter login credentials. Log out of your router and modem, and then re-enter your passwords.

  • Check the router’s connection lights. A blinking or red light may indicate a connection issue either on your end or that of your provider.

  • Search for internet outages in your area. Even the most reliable internet companies experience widespread outages and issues from time to time. Use cellular data on your phone to check your provider’s outage map.

  • Hardwire your connection. WiFi is great, but sometimes if your computer, printer, or other device won’t connect, it may be time to plug your electronics directly into your modem.

  • Check your device’s WiFi connection. Open the network settings on your device or its app, and make sure you’re connected to your local WiFi network.

  • Run a diagnostics test. Whether you’re using an Apple device, a video doorbell, home alarm system, or a smart thermostat, you should be able to open the diagnostic tools and run a quick check to potentially locate your connectivity issue.

Resolve connectivity issues with other devices

A computer, iPhone, or other device with a physical screen is easy to navigate when dealing with connectivity problems, while your security system and its components may employ an app to troubleshoot WiFi issues. Here are some ways to help resolve connectivity problems on non-screen devices, such as security cameras, video doorbells, and motion sensors:

  • Reboot the device. Switch your device off, pop out any batteries, or completely disconnect it from its power source. Wait a few minutes before reconnecting, and allow time for power to cycle back through.

  • Check connections. Are cables plugged in correctly? Are your power sources working?

  • Check all your devices. Is your entire home alarm system experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, or is it just that one IP camera? If everything has gone offline, that may be a symptom of a wider-spread internet outage.

  • Ensure firmware is up to date. You know all those annoying software updates that pop up on your phone? They actually work to update your settings, protect your device, and address any security flaws. Update your system when prompted, or check for updates you may have missed.

  • Reset to factory default. Nothing else working? Reset your device — whether it’s your smoke detector, camera, or motion sensor light — to its out-of-the-box settings. Once you reconnect the device, you’ll probably have to restore your preferred settings.

  • Confirm proper setup. Did you select every option you need for your device to operate correctly? Take time to review or reset your device settings.

Try tech support

If you’ve exhausted all your at-home troubleshooting solutions, and you still can’t connect to your modem or WiFi network, it’s time to call in the experts. Reach out to the device manufacturer or internet provider to help you reset your connection. Don’t forget to also call your security company’s tech support if you purchased a product through the company. Brinks Home™ representatives are available 24/7, and our Senior Security Consultants can address any questions to help you get your security system back online. At Brinks Home, we help you ensure your smart devices properly connect to your home’s security system, so you can rest easy knowing you, your family, and your investments are protected. Contact us today.

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