Camera Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide

Wi-Fi Signal Lost or Video Failed Live View

If your wireless video camera disconnects from the user's network, commonly following changes to your Wi-Fi password, Wi-Fi settings, or networking hardware replacement, reconnect the device using AP mode or WPS.

Instructions for using AP mode or WPS to reconnect your camera can be found by first selecting your camera type here, then opening the article labelled guide specific to that camera.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength Requirements

Video devices have network requirements and recommendations that, when met, provide an optimal experience to the user. The requirements and recommendations include recommended types of internet connections, router compatibility, and bandwidth and Wi-Fi signal strength requirements.

Internet service and bandwidth requirements vary by video device model, video device audio integration, and whether a Stream Video Recorder (SVR) is in use.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Troubleshooting

You have the camera powered up, but it won't connect wirelessly, try these steps...

  • • Make sure you have the camera powering up without an Ethernet cable connected
  • • Distance from the router should not be more than 100' from the WiFi router
  • • Make sure you've used the correct WiFi encryption password during setup

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