How To Reset a Home Alarm Without a Code

Steps to take when re-setting your alarm 


August 28,2020

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Home alarm systems can help keep burglars from breaking and entering your home by up to  300%  according to some studies. However, home alarm systems can still malfunction or be set off improperly. This can cause loud noises, distractions, and calls to emergency services. Additionally, forgetting the passcode that disables your alarm make an already stressful situation even more tense. If you have an alarm  installed in your home and you need to reset the device without a code, there are a few ways to do so depending on the system itself and your service provider. 

Why Is it Important to Know How to Reset Alarm Codes? 

Every homeowner is different, and therefore have different reasoning for wanting to know how to reset home alarm system code. Maybe you just moved into a new home that has an alarm system, but the previous owners didn’t know what the code was for the panel. Now your equipment is left sitting idle until you reset it altogether. Or maybe a relative passed and you’re taking over their home security system. Resetting the passcode will help you complete the change of responsibility. In most cases, it’s best to seek guidance from the security company behind the alarm panel. However, you can try the following to reset the code on your own. 

Check Your Alarm’s Guide and Instruction Manual 

Most home  alarm systems and security cameras  include instruction manuals and guided instructions for resetting systems without a readily available passcode. Because alarm systems differ, each set of instructions based on the make and model of your device is likely to vary. Not all steps provided by a generic guide to resetting a home alarm will work, especially if you have special prompts to follow and codes to enter for your specific system. 

Steps to Take at Home 

There are a few steps you can take at home depending on the alarm system you have in place as well as the security company you are using. We don’t recommend you take action individually unless you have experience with alarm systems, electrical work, and security setups. Calling a company is always advisable before attempting to disable your home alarm system without assistance. However, if you are adamant about  stopping noises coming from your home alarm, the most basic steps involved in the process are to: 

  1. Remove the AC adapter and power source of your home’s alarm panel from the wall. 

  2. Open the main panel to your alarm system using a key provided by your security company or another tool that fits in place. 

  3. Remove one of the leads from the battery by unplugging the wire from a large block-like chip section inside of your alarm system. 

  4. Call your security company immediately to report the incident and to prevent them from dispatching unnecessary emergency services to your home. 

Call Your Security Company Directly 

If your home alarm is beeping incessantly when disabling the system, call your home security company for immediate assistance. Your security company should have the ability to remotely disable any malfunctions. A team of security experts can also determine the root cause of your system’s issues. If a problem cannot be detected over the phone, your security company can send a service technician to inspect your home alarm and equipment.  

Take Control of Your Home’s Security with Brinks Home Security™ 

When tinkering with a home alarm system, it is important to keep your safety in mind as well as the overall safety of your property and household. If you are looking for a fully customized home security system that is ideal for your home with less technical requirements, contact  Brinks Home Security today for your free quote and more information on how you can immediately start protecting your home. From smart and sleek alarm panels to motion detectors and indoor cameras, we have just the right thing for everyone.  

Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor. 

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