Preparing Your Home for Autumn

Safety tips for fall


You decorate your porch with pumpkins, add a colorful wreath to the door, and maybe place a few pots of mums near the door. When setting out your fall decor, however, you should also take the time to prepare your home for the cooler months, inside and out. Fall is also a good time to review fall fire safety tips, confirm all your home’s devices work properly, and make sure you’re stocked up on emergency supplies. Here are some fall safety tips and products to keep your home safe and secure, whether you’re getting ready for Halloween or battening down the hatches before the snowy season arrives.

Indoor autumn safety tips

Home maintenance may not be as exciting as fall family photos, holiday gatherings, or college football; however, these simple, easy tasks can help sustain your home, save money, and keep you cozy and safe in fall and winter.

  • Inspect home safety devices. Ensure all smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and fire extinguishers are working properly so you don’t have to deal with chirping, battery-drained detectors, or worry about gas leaks.

  • Prep pipes. Prevent water damage by wrapping indoor pipes with thermostatically controlled heat tape. Consider installing a freeze sensor to quickly identify any pipes that may burst.

  • Check your heating system. A properly serviced furnace will more efficiently use fuel, last longer, and experience fewer issues. Plus, you’ll feel confident heading into winter with a reliable heat source.

  • Clean your fireplace or wood stove. Remove any leftover ash or debris from your stove or fireplace, and make sure you can see daylight through your chimney when you look from the bottom toward the top. A clean fireplace helps prevent house fires.

  • Replace insulation. Inspect your home’s attic and crawl spaces to ensure insulation is properly placed. Fill any holes, so your home stays toasty during the winter and critters get left outside.

Outdoor home maintenance tasks

Before the weather gets too chilly, take a walk around your home and assess any potential safety hazards.

  • Clean your gutters. Safely remove debris, such as wet, fallen leaves and sticks, from your gutters so water can flow properly, reducing ice dams when the temperature drops. Also replace any damaged gutters or consider installing gutters with leaf guards.

  • Use caution with outdoor fires. Fall is the perfect time to roast marshmallows around the fire pit. Ensure there is nothing flammable within 3 feet of the fire, and never leave any fire unattended. Always keep a garden hose or water bucket nearby in case you need to extinguish escaped embers.

  • Inspect the roof and eaves. Replace missing shingles, and repair cracks or holes before winter to prevent water damage. Remove debris and dry leaves from your roof.

  • Survey outdoor electrical sources. Make sure all electrical cords are approved for outdoor use, and inspect cords to ensure they’re not frayed or damaged. Check that outlets are weatherproofed and have ground fault circuit interrupters to prevent shock.

  • Repair walking surfaces. Repair any cracks or damage to driveways, patios, and sidewalks to reduce trip hazards and protect these surfaces from harsh winter weather.

  • Store toxic or flammable chemicals safely. Read the labels on your lawn and garden chemicals so you know how to properly store or dispose of these items.

  • Assess backyard privacy. Falling leaves can open up your backyard to the gazes of bypassers. Keep an eye out for ways to create privacy in your backyard, such as adding evergreen trees to your fence line.

  • Add outdoor light. Since time “falls back” in fall, consider installing smart lights on a schedule so you don’t risk tripping up the stairs while carrying holiday gifts or weekly groceries.

  • Wipe down sensors and security cameras. Make sure you’re able to see your UPS delivery person or anyone else who may come to your door.

Fall is a great time for reviewing all your security protocols. For more home safety tips as you prepare for the colder months, contact a Brinks Home™ Security Consultant to and we can walk you through the options that incorporate with your new system.

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