Security Panel Long Range Radio Trouble: What Should You Do?

Common troubleshooting tips. 


September 9, 2020

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The security panel is the heart of any homeowner’s  security system, but it’s only as good as the signal it’s sending and receiving. It needs to be able to “talk to” the devices that are being used in the home,  along with the company that’s monitoring the system. For self-monitored systems, the homeowner will always need to be able to connect to the security panel from a smartphone app or other device, in order to be notified if there’s a problem. Professionally monitored systems need to have good contact with the monitoring company but reaching a homeowner quickly can also be a very important part of good monitoring.

With long range radio trouble, a security panel doesn’t send and receive signals the way it should. Whether the problem is in the panel, the signal, or another component — or even the monitoring company — is something the company will want to troubleshoot and figure out. Then they can decide how best to help the homeowner address the problem, to make sure the homeowner is happy with the service and is getting the safety, protection, and peace of mind they’re really looking for.

How to Troubleshoot a Long-Range Radio

Unfortunately, there’s very little troubleshooting that a homeowner can actually do with their security panel. They can reset it to stop the beeping, and they can clear the error code temporarily, but if there are other issues that keep occurring with the signal, the problem is going to come back.

That’s because the signal is generally the issue when this kind of problem appears. And that signal is one that the company that monitors the equipment is generally responsible for. If the panel has been checked and doesn’t have a problem, the signal is the issue. Checking wires and connections is the next step. Occasionally, something is just loose and needs to be tightened or adjusted. If that’s not the problem, the alarm company will need to see if there’s a reason the homeowner’s security  equipment is dropping the signal, so it can be corrected.

Working with a Finicky Security Panel

Some security panels are more particular than others when it comes to how well they pick up and hold onto a signal. It’s also possible that the homeowner is close to the edge of the strong signal area, which can mean their  security system  is one that’s not going to be as solid with the signal as those that are closer in to where that signal originates from. That’s a very important consideration when a homeowner chooses a company to work with or picks out equipment to use for their specific needs. If they don’t get a good signal, they’ll always have trouble with their security system.

Getting the Right Security Company Makes a Difference

Generally, homeowners want a company that gives them:

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • fast response times

  • good customer service

  • an easy installation

They also want  top quality equipment, including the security panel and the signal that comes to it. Brinks Home™ systems included the latest in smart home automation and integration, and strong signals between its central station and your home. You can also always see what’s happening at your home through the Brinks Home Mobile App, available for both iOS® and Android®.

Interested in monitored home security with amazing customer service and state-of-the-art equipment? Call today to get a  quote from Brinks Home.

Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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