What is a Brinks Home™ Touch Panel?

Examining the technology at the heart of Brinks Home’s system.


July 14, 2020

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What does a panel do?

Panels act as the control center behind your home security system and are the communication vehicle to our 24/7 alarm monitoring station. While early security system panels allowed basic functionality of arming and disarming your system with a simple 4-digit passcode (and gave you 60 seconds or less to dash out the door), times have changed. The modern technology behind the Brinks Home Touch seamlessly integrates your entire home security system. Not only does the Brinks Home Touch panel utilize dual path communication, for unparalleled speed and connectivity in the event of an alarm, each one of Brinks Home’s panels feature Geofencing technology. This technology directs your system to undertake tasks (such as unlocking your Z-Wave™ door lock , turning on smart lights , or turning off the system ) when you leave or return home—if you’ve set up rules and scenes to allow it. Plus, it can control more than 100 Z-Wave smart devices: Your panel can communicate directly with your smart locks, garage doors, lighting, and much more.

You can also customize the photos your Brinks Home Touch panel shows in screensaver mode. When it’s not being used as a security command center, it serves as a digital photo frame mounted on your wall or sitting tabletop.

Why do I need it?

The Brinks Home Touch panel takes the guesswork out of protecting your home. It acts as the focal point of your home’s security while still being user-friendly. You can always access your system via your mobile phone or tablet through the Brinks Home mobile app. Plus, your Brinks Home Touch panel comes standard with a Bluetooth connection that allows you to pair up to five smart phones/tablets for contact-less disarming. In the digital age, having a Brinks Home Touch panel allows you to streamline your devices instead of juggling multiple passwords, usernames, and technology. The panel boasts intuitive technology including dual-microphones and a quad core processor that when combined, act as a glass break detector and alert you immediately. Furthermore, the Brinks Home Touch panel provides you the flexibility to access your home security from anywhere, be it the office, the park, or even out of town.

How does it keep me safe?

As with all Brinks Home smart home features, the panel uses encryption technology that offers secure protection against would-be hackers. Each panel comes equipped with a camera that captures a snapshot and timestamp every time the system is disarmed at the panel.

Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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