3 Reasons You Need Door and Window Sensors

2020-06-03 sensors

Sensors on windows and doors are a crucial part of any home security system. These compact, subtle devices can be placed virtually anywhere, offering protection from would-be intruders without clashing with your décor. You can also use smart door/window sensors to provide you with customizable notifications, so, you always know what’s going on inside your home. Brinks Home™ offers our wireless Door/Window Sensors to perfectly meet your home security needs. Read on to learn about its unique benefits.

Encryption Technology

When you hear the word, “encryption,” your mind may jump to intelligence thrillers and secret agents. While it does have its place in spy novels, when it comes to your home security, encryption simply means that it provides an extra layer of protection. When using encryption, your home security system is able to protect private information by translating it into code, blocking anyone other than authorized users from accessing it.

The door/window sensors from Brinks Home use S-line technology to encrypt signals sent to your Brinks Home Touchscreen panel. It also offers a unique board and antenna design to extend its range, allowing you to mount the sensor on a variety of surfaces beyond just doors and windows. These sensors are perfect for creative mounting, so you can monitor who’s peeking into your medicine cabinet, jewelry drawer, liquor cupboard, office safe, and other areas that are off-limits to anyone from toddlers to teenagers. No matter where you place your device, you can rest easy knowing you have secure coverage with Brinks Home.


While encryption keeps others out, user-friendly technology makes sure you’re always looped into your smart home. The Brinks Home Door/Window Sensors are wireless, boast an eight-year battery life, and are easy to install. If your batteries do give out, it’s easy to change them without having to worry about a technician coming to your home. Visit our Help Center for step-by-step instructions on how to change your sensor’s battery.


Like the rest of Brinks Home’s smart products, our door/window sensors are adjustable to your specific preferences. This means that you can set rules for security or other purposes. For example, if a particular window is left open, you can set a rule that alerts you when it happens and if connected with a smart thermostat is can automatically adjust the temperature. This helps you keep your home protected, and even possibly saving money on your energy bills.

Door/window sensors can also be used to automate various parts of your home. Pairing your door/window sensors with smart lightbulbs and plugs can allow you turn your lights on or off when you want them to. When you add a sensor to your pantry, back porch, or office door, you can set it so the lights will turn on automatically and turn off after a set time. For the holidays, you can even get your Christmas tree lights to turn on when you arrive home via a smart plug and your garage door/sensor.

You can even choose to exclude window and door sensors during the day and set up a schedule at night for specific locations. If you’re worried about intruders sneaking into your children's room at night, a signal will be sent to your security panel—and our Five Diamond Alarm Response Center—if the sensor’s magnetic seal is broken.

Unfortunately, door/window sensors do not detect motion around your windows or doors, outside your home, or within your home. For that, we recommend considering adding motion sensors, security cameras, or other smart security devices, depending on your needs.

Contact a Brinks Home Security Consultant today to design a security system that’s customized specifically for you and your home.

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