Your Guide on How to Bypass a Sensor


December 14, 2020

27Bypass a Sensor1

The vast majority of home security users are bound to come across a scenario where they will want to bypass one (or more) of their sensors. To clarify, when we use the term bypass, we are referencing how to set up your security system so that you can open a door or window when your system is armed without the fear of sounding the alarm. We will walk you through how to bypass one (or more) sensors for home security systems anchored down with the following three panels: Simon XTi, Simon XTi-5, and IQ Panel 2.

Bypass a sensor with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2

This is easily accomplished by simply tapping the circle next to the sensor to bypass it during the arming sequence. Bypass a Sensor with a Simon Panel

According to Interlogix, to bypass a sensor for Simon panels you should follow the steps outlined below.

Simon XTi-5 Panel

  1. Press the GEAR icon

  2. Press the SELECT button

  3. Enter your MASTER CODE

  4. Press the BYPASSED button next to each sensor that you wish to bypass; or press the NOT BYPASSED button next to each sensor you do not want to bypass.

Simon XTi-5 (version 2)

  1. Press the Select icon to enter the sensor bypass screen1

Simon XTi Panel

Force Bypassing

  1. Open the doors and/or windows that you wish to bypass

  2. The LOCK icon to arm

  3. Press ARM ALL to arm (the system will sound the protest beep and display will state that there are open sensors)

  4. Press BYPASS to continue

  5. Simon XTi system will then ARM per normal.

Direct Bypassing

  1. Press the GEAR icon in the bottom right of the screen

  2. SELECT next to the Direct Bypass line item

  3. NOT BYPASSED button next to the sensor(s) you wish to bypass

  4. CLOSE

  5. CLOSE again to exit

  6. LOCK icon then press DOORS and WINDOWS ONLY or ARM ALL to arm your system.

Simon XT

  1. Press BYPASS;

  2. Enter the MASTER CODE;

  3. Scroll up/down until you reach the sensor you wish to bypass;

  4. The display will show sensor name (ie Sn # Front Door) on the first line;

  5. Press ENTER to bypass (deactivate) the sensor;

  6. When a sensor is bypassed, the panel will display BYPASSED on the second line.

Helpful Info & Guides


  • IQ Panel 2 Guide (PDF)


  • XT Quick User Guide (PDF)

  • XTi Guide (PDF)

  • XTi-5 Guide (PDF)

1A sensor can only be bypassed if actively armed

Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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