Resolution RE508X Translator Guide


  • • Converts 8 hardwire zones and 1 cover tamper into 9 wireless sensors
  • • Compatibility: does not convert carbon monoxide, smoke, or heat detectors
  • • RF range: up to 100 feet from panel
  • • Operating temperature: 32°F to 120°F
  • • Battery requirements: 6-volt 800 mA NiMH Battery

001a Outside RE508X Translator Case Convert to Wireless Device 001b Outside RE508X Translator Internal Components Convert to Wireless Device

Installation Steps

1. After selecting a suitable mounting position and location, wire the zones, and connect 12VDC output to powered zones, if any. Connect the power supply to the translator, ensuring the translator cover is open before power-up.

2. Use the Panel Select knob to choose the panel with which the translator will be communicating.

3. Zone configuration is not necessary for installations with normally closed zones that don’t require tamper detection. For all other zone types, see below:

  • a) Put all zones into normal (non-alarm) state.
  • b) Press and release Configure to enter translator configuration mode. The yellow LED will turn on when translator configuration mode is entered. Zone tamper will now be detected for the zones, and will be transmitted to the panel as an alarm.
  • c) If you want zone tamper to be transmitted to the panel as a tamper error instead of an alarm, cycle each zone to alarm and back to normal while the translator is in configuration mode. The translator will beep to confirm as zones are cycled.
  • d) Press Configure to exit translator configuration mode. The yellow LED will turn off when the translator configuration mode is exited.
    • • Normally closed zones can be cycled at the sensor, or by a break-and-make at the connection to the translator.
    • • Normally open zones can be cycled at the sensor, or by a shorting across the connection to the translator.
    • • Configuration mode ends automatically when the cover is closed or 10 minutes after the last action.

For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: RE508 Universal Hardwire to Wireless Translator Manual