Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000—Sensor Malfunction

Every hour, your alarm system sends a signal to all of your sensors to ensure functionality and proper reporting, which is called a "roll call". If a sensor fails to send a response signal, a failure signal will be sent to your control panel and you'll see an alert or Malfunction in the Total Connect App.

Common reasons a sensor will go into failure/malfunction are:

  1. The battery in the sensor is dead.

  2. The sensor is too far from the control panel. If the sensor exceeds 100 feet, then a malfunction may occur.

  3. There is something causing Radio Frequency (RF) interference near that sensor or near the control panel. Common wireless devices that cause interference include the following:

  • Routers, telephones, gaming controllers, doorbells, large metallic objects such as refrigerators or large TVs, plaster walls with metal fiber, metal studs in the wall, or interior concrete walls.


  1. Change the sensor battery.
  2. Note: if you change the battery, be sure to securely replace the cover. If the cover is not properly aligned and snug, it will create a tamper error. Additionally, check to make sure the arrows on the sensors are lined up and there is no more than ¼ inch between the two when mounting.

  3. Perform a sensor test to attempt another roll call. See panel instructions in the next section below.
  4. Survey the area for recent changes, such as new nearby electronics which may be causing interference.
  5. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the sensor as it is defective.

System Test Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Press Security, then press More.

Add_User_Code_01_Main.jpg Add_User_Code_02_Security_1.jpg

2. Press Tools, then enter the master code.

Add_User_Code_03_Security_2.jpg Add_User_Code_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press Test, then press Walk Test.

Walk_Test_01.jpg Walk_Test_02.jpg

4. The system exits to the main display.


5. To test each sensor, open doors and windows and walk by motion detectors.

6. The touchscreen beeps and audibly states each sensor. Press Home, then enter your master code to exit.

Lynx_Touch_L5210_Home_Button.jpg Walk_Test_04_Exit.jpg