How to Address a Sensor Failure

Sensor Failures can be caused by a number of wireless devices within the home. Your system will announce a "Sensor failure". This is indicated by the system status key:

If the sensor exceeds 100ft from the panel, then a malfunction may occur.

Check for wireless environmental interference:

  • Wireless internet routers near the panel can cause interference.
  • Wireless internet routers near the sensors can cause interference.
  • Plaster walls with metal wire can cause interference.
  • AC lines running directly behind the panel can cause interference.
  • Some cordless phones can cause interference, try powering down and test again.
  • Check for a wireless doorbell near the panel.

Re-locate panel to a different area temporarily to identify stable wireless conditions:

  1. Operate on battery only if the panel is already mounted.
  2. After panel has been re-located for 30 minutes.
  3. Press the system status key immediately followed by the disarm key to refresh system status.
  4. Press the status key to determine system status (system ok, trouble conditions or open sensors).

Doing a sensor test is a good way to find and avoid interference.