Testing and Training Appointment

The testing and training appointment should last anywhere from 20 - 30 minutes. You must be onsite at your system for us to activate it. First, you'll need to have Steps 1-3 of the testing process complete. To complete these steps, log in to brinkshome.com/login

NOTE: if the monitoring agreement is not completed, our technician will not be able to keep the appointment.
(To complete your monitoring agreement in just minutes, log in to brinkshome.com/login)

Our activation technicians will call you to:

1) Confirm Placement

  • We will make sure the your system has enough cellular signal strength and that all sensors are communicating with the main console.
  • If you need help placing your sensors, see the appropriate Quick Start Guides and User Manuals on this Support Site for your appropriate system.

2.) Test Communication

  • We will make sure that your signals are getting to our central station and that you are able to log into your interactive account (provided that you are subscribed to one)

3,) System Training

  • We will make sure you are able to use your system and be able to perform basic functions such as arming, disarming, bypassing and testing your system.

4.) Finalize the setup.

  • We will give you all the necessary information in regards to your account including: your account number, the 24 hour contact number to our central station, your login information to your interactive monitoring (provided that you are subscribed) and any other account specific information that you may need.