Police Response to Crash & Smash Explained

A Crash and Smash is an alarm notification designed for the Simon XT to prohibit the ability to disarm an alarm panel by destroying it. This is done in the following manner:
  1. An exit/entry door is opened, the delay sounds off.
  2. If the panel is not disarmed in the time provided, an alarm is sent. If something prohibits the alarm from sending a signal then there will be a Crash and Smash notification.
  3. This happens because the central station is expecting to get either a disarming signal or an alarm signal after the door is opened. If it does not receive either one then it will send an immediate police dispatch.
  4. This is standard procedure for a Crash and Smash.
In the case of a Crash and Smash situation the police are immediately dispatched without notification. This is done with the concern that someone is already in your house and an Immediate emergency situation alarm (panic alarm) is necessary.
There have been situations where the police have been sent and there was not an actual Crash and Smash situation. These cases have been caused by a sudden loss of signal from the panel to our Central Station after an Entry/Exit door was opened or because the panel was not disarmed in time after an Exit/Entry door was opened.
If so desired, this option can be taken off of the Simon XT monitoring.