Qolsys Glassbreak Detector Installation

The IQ Glassbreak detector picks up sound of breaking glass within a 15' range.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Latest Glassbreak Detector

1. Identify the location for the sensor from the label on the box

2. Remove the sensor from the box. Open the cover by pressing the tab

3. Remove the plastic battery tabs and close the cover

4. Locate the sensor on the ceiling within 15 feet of the windows to be protected

5. Apply tape to back of the sensor then remove mount to wall

Older Glassbreak Detector

1. Apply pressure to the bordered area in the front of sensor and pull cover off

2. Insert the battery making sure to observe polarity.

3. Reapply the cover.

4. Place sensor within 15' where you want to detect glass breaking and 100' of panel

5. Apply sticky tape strip to sensor, hold sensor to wall for 10 seconds