Simon XTi - RE524X Translator Installation

1. Install translator between 5 and 100 feet from the Simon XTi.


2. Open the casing to the translator.


3. Connect the power supply to the translator.


4. Plug-in the transformer to a nearby outlet.


Enrollment Process

This product is not for use with life safety sensors, such as smoke, heat, or CO detectors.

1. Turn the Panel Select knob to Interlogix (GE).


2. Turn the Sensor Select knob to the brand of sensors used.


3. Press Configure to enter configuration mode.


4. Tamper all sensors by removing the cover. The translator beeps on each activation.



5. When finished press Configure to exit configuration mode.


6. Make sure to leave the casing open during the panel enrollment.


7. On the Simon XTi press the settings gear, then press the down arrow several times.

Picture12.png Picture13.png

8. Press Enter by System Programming, then enter the default installer code 4321.

Picture14.png Picture15.png

9. Press Sensors, then press Learn Sensor.

Picture16.png Picture17.png

10. Press the translator's cover tamper button for battery and power supervision.

Picture18.png RE524X_Tamper_Button.jpg

11. Begin tripping the same sensors that were enrolled in the translator.



12. Simon XTi beeps if successful. Press Edit by Sensor Group, enter group, then press Save.

Picture21.png Picture22.png

  • 10 = Delay sensor - Entry delay time if armed, program this for front or garage doors
  • 13 = Instant sensor - Program for windows or patio doors and RE524X translator cover
  • 17 = Motion detectors

13. Press Edit by Sensor Name, then press Edit by word.

Picture23.png Picture24.png

14. Scroll words to select, then press Save to exit.


15. Press Close several times to exit programming.

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