PG9922 Glassbreak Detector Guide


  • • Communication Protocol: PowerG
  • • Detection range: up to 25 ft.
  • • Operating temperature: 14°F to 120°F
  • • Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches
  • • Battery requirements: 3-volt lithium CR123A

DSC PG9922 Glassbreak Detector Main


  • • Acoustic pattern recognition technology provides 360° coverage
  • • PowerG two-way frequency hopping
  • • Large transmission range enables repeater-free installations
  • • Battery life up to 5 years with typical use
  • • Smart data analysis minimizes false alarms by capturing only real broken glass events

Installation Steps:

1. Choose the installation location.

0001 Mount Optimization

2. Secure the device to your chosen surface.

0002b Clean Placement

3. Detach the faceplate to access the battery compartment.

0003b Open Faceplate

4. Remove the battery tab or install the 3-volt lithium CR123A battery.

0004b Clean Edit

5. Replace the faceplate.


6. The sensor is now ready to be added to your panel. Follow the link below for instructions:

IQ Panel 2 - Programming IQ Glassbreak Detector

For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: PG9922 Glass Break Manual