Resetting Your Security Alarm Following a Medical Alarm

If a medical alarm signal was sent from your system, it is important that you reset your security alarm in order to maintain consistent communication with the Brinks Home™ Alarm Response Center. This must be done primarily on hard-wired systems; otherwise, there is a chance the Alarm Response Center will not receive future alarms.

Primary Systems Affected

Digital Security Controls (DSC) Power Series Reset Instructions:

From a disarmed state, press *, press 7, then press 2.

Honeywell Vista Series Reset Instructions:

From a disarmed state, enter your master code, then press 1.


Additional Systems for Reference

Fortunately, our most common panels will continue to communicate without requiring a reset, but instructions are linked below to turn off and acknowledge the alarm for convenience.

Qolsys Panels:

2GIG Panels:

Interlogix Panels:

Honeywell Panels:

If you experience complications, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.