Image Sensor - Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How does the Image Sensor benefit the customer?

In addition to acting as a motion detector, the Image Sensor also captures motion activated images when the panel is armed away, in alarm or based on custom schedules created by the user. This allows you to see what is happening through your motion detector.

Question: What is the image quality?

Because the Image Sensor sends pictures to the images are very small ranging from 320 x 240 pixels on older Image Sensors to 640 x 480 pixels on later cameras, it is not an HD quality camera.

Question: How many images can I upload each month?

You can upload up to 140 images to each month depending on the Image Sensor Plan that you're enrolled in.

Question: Can I see the uploaded images on my mobile devices?

Yes. You can see the images captured using the app on your mobile device. Images can also be sent via email, MMS, or push notification alerts.

Question: Do I have to wait for an event to happen or can I check at any time to see what is happening in my home?

The Image Sensor lets you initiate a Peek-In at any time that will provide an image on-demand or next time the sensor detects motion. Log in to the Brinks Home™ app and tap Images, then the camera icon, to access the Peek-In button.

Question: What firmware version is required for the Image Sensor?

2GIG GoControl panels must be updated to version 1.10 or higher

Questions: What batteries are recommended?

Answer: 2 1.5 Volt AA EverReady Lithium batteries. These should last between 1 to 2 years, do not use Alkaline batteries which will result in much shorter battery life

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