Image Sensor - Takes Pictures Of Nothing


Check Environmental Elements: Heating or cooling elements may adversely affect
sensor performance. Test sensor with and without these elements to determine

Additional environmental elements include pets, air vents, portable heaters, balloons, ceiling fans, etc. A quick change in heat signature within the detection range will cause an alarm. This is even possible with things like insects or spiders crawling across the face of the detector (less common of course) but if you notice any webs or dust you’ll want to clean off the sensor. This is of course more of a problem if using a PIR in a basement.

Check Sensor Positioning: The sensor may not be properly positioned to capture the
desired motion. Check the horizontal positioning of the sensor and re-mount as necessary.

Check PIR Sensitivity Setting: Verify that the proper sensor motion profile has been
selected through the setup menu or select a less sensitive profile.

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