IQ Panel 2—Program Wi-Fi by WPS

1. Swipe down from time display to show drop-down then press SETTINGS

Door_Lock_01.jpg Door_Lock_02.jpg

2. Press ADVANCED SETTINGS then enter Master Code

Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press WI-FI then check ride side box to enable

WiFi_00_Advanced_Menu.jpg WiFi_01_Enable.jpg

4. Press WPS PUSH BUTTON then press CONNECT

WiFi_WPS_01_Select.png WiFi_WPS_02_Popup.png

5. Press router WPS button or enable WPS mode in router settings

WiFi_WPS_03_Connect.png Router_WPS_Button.jpg

6. If successful display shows Connected, press BACK ARROW or HOME to exit