1. The SkyBell button flashes red and green when it is ready to be connected. If not, reset it by holding the main SkyBell button for 60 seconds, until the button flashes blue then yellow.


2. Log in to the Brinks Home™ Mobile App, then press the menu button (3 bars on the top left of the app.) Next, press Doorbell Camera, then press + to add a your new Skybell.

Skybell_Installation_01.png Skybell_Installation_02.png Skybell_Installation_03.png

3. Press Next twice, enter your doorbell name, then press Next.

Skybell_Installation_04.png Skybell_Installation_05.png Skybell_Installation_06.png

4. The app scans the network and finds the new Skybell. Select your Wi-Fi network when found.

Skybell_Installation_07.png Skybell_Installation_08.png Skybell_Installation_09.png

5. Enter your Wi-Fi password, then press Next to configure it to your system. When finished, press Enable for notifications.

Skybell_Installation_10.png Skybell_Installation_11.png Skybell_Installation_12.png

6. Enable camera recording schedules, then press Next. Finally, press Next to view the doorbell video.

Skybell_Installation_13.png Skybell_Installation_14.png Skybell_Installation_15.png

For more assistance with troubleshooting your Skybell, visit the Skybell comprehensive support center.