If your Skybell video doorbell is not recording, but you can watch live video and you are still receiving notifications, please follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. First, check to make sure there is not an issue with your upload speeds by running a speed test. You can utilize various speed tests online, similar to Network Diagnostic Tool. Internet upload speed for your Skybell should be 2 Mbps or higher to perform properly.
  2. If the upload speeds are correct, you can perform a manual soft reset by doing the following:
  • Begin by holding down Skybell doorbell button
  • The Skybell should flash green, red/green, then blue
  • Once the Skybell flashes blue, release the button and wait approximately onea minute for the Skybell to reboot

The Skybell should begin recording within 10 minutes after rebooting.

For more assistance with troubleshooting your Skybell, visit the Skybell comprehensive support center.