Qolsys Door/Window Sensors—Battery Replacement

When it is time to replace the battery in your door/window sensor, you will see an alert on your system panel, as well as a notification in the Brinks Home™ Mobile App. Follow the instructions below to replace your battery and clear the alert from your system. Batteries can be purchased at your local hardware, mass retailer, or battery store.

Because your panel supports compatibility with a wide range of sensors, we ask that you find the image of your door/window sensor below to view instructions on how to complete your battery replacement.

Once you've replaced the batteries, the error on your panel should clear within one hour. If you would like to clear the error manually, click here.

001a-QS1135-840 002a-60-362N-10.png 003a-TX-E201 004a-TX-1012-01-1 005d-60-688-95R

Qolsys QS1135-840 Door/Window Sensor:

Insert a screwdriver into the slot found on the top/bottom of the cover to remove, then remove and replace 2 CR2032 batteries.



Interlogix 60-362N-10 Door/Window Sensor:

Press end latch to remove the cover, then remove and replace the CR123A lithium battery.



Ecolink TX-E201 Door/Window Sensor:

Slide cover up to remove, then remove and replace the CR2032 lithium battery.



Interlogix/GE Security TX-1012-01 Micro Door/Window Sensor:

Insert a coin or screwdriver into the slot and twist to open, using a screwdriver to then pry open the inside cover. Remove and replace CR2032 battery.



Interlogix 60-688-95 Micro Door/Window Sensor:

Use a screwdriver to pry open the backplate, then pry off the cover. Remove and replace CR2032 battery.


If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.