How to reconnect your ADC522IR Indoor Camera


There are a few simple things you can do to get your ADC-522IR indoor camera back to working to protect your home. Follow the below steps to get your camera online again.

Reconnecting to WiFi:

1. Locate the WPS button on your WiFi router.

  • There should be a button labeled WPS or an icon of two arrows or a lock on the router.

2. Locate the WPS button on the camera.

  • On most camera models, it is labeled WPS or Reset.
  • On the ADC-522IR, the button is next to the Ethernet connector on the back of the camera.


3. Hold to the WPS button for 2-3 seconds, until the LED flashes blue, to put the camera into WPS mode.

4. Press the WPS button on the router for 1-6 seconds to put your router in WPS mode.

  • Typically, a light flashes on the router to tell you it's in WPS mode.
  • If there is no light or there is a red blinking light, the WPS might be disabled on your router.
    • You can confirm that your router is WPS enabled by checking the bottom of your router. If you see a WPS pin, your router does have WPS. You can also log into your router management tool to verify if your router is WPS enabled.

5. Wait 2 minutes to allow the camera and router to discover each other.

6. The camera LED will change from flashing blue to flashing green, to red. Wait for the LED to stay one color, blinking or static, for a few minutes before continuing.

7. Once the LED is steady, refer to the below table for troubleshooting steps based on the LED color on your camera.

Light Color and Pattern Function Troubleshooting
Solid green The camera is connected to the internet. If you are unable to view live video, power the camera down for a few seconds. Then, try to see view live video from your camera once you see the green light return.
Flashing green The camera is communicating with the router but does not have a solid internet connection.
  1. Verify the router’s WPS button is enabled and has an active internet connection. Try using another device to check the internet connection on your phone or computer.
  2. After verifying the connection, remove power from the camera for a few seconds and wait for the camera to reboot.
  3. If it is still flashing green, power your router down for at least one minute, then restore power.
  4. Wait until your internet connection is re-established before attempting to connect to the camera again.
Solid red Your camera is not connected to the internet.
  1. Attempt the troubleshooting steps for the flashing green light, but first verify the router has WPS enabled by checking the settings on your router. You can see how to do that in #4 of the flashing green light section above.
  2. If another WPS attempt is unsuccessful, try another method of reconnecting the camera to a wireless network (links in the current article). Your router’s guide can help locate where to check for this setting.
  3. If the router is verified to have WPS enabled, your camera may be too far away from the router for the WPS to take effect.
Flashing white Your camera is in AP (access point) mode.
  1. Hold the WPS button on your camera for 6 seconds.
  2. On a device connected to the internet, connect to the wireless network ALARM (XX:XX: XX) where XX:XX: XX is the last 6 digits of the cameras MAC address, which is located on the back of the camera.
  3. Open a web browser and enter http://522irinstall.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your camera to the internet.
  5. Power your camera down and install it before turning it back on again.
Flashing blue Your camera is in WPS mode and is ready to connect.
  1. Press and hold the WPS button on your camera for 3 seconds.
  2. Activate the WPS mode on your router by holding the WPS button down until the light flashes.
  3. Your camera’s light should change from blue to green to indicate a solid internet connection.
Solid blue Your camera is in privacy mode. Hold the WPS button on your camera for one second to turn off privacy mode.
Blinking red and green Factory reset in progress
  1. Connect to the internet by following the WPS process in the flashing green light section of this troubleshooting guide.
  2. Open your Brinks Home™ Mobile App to locate and add your camera to your system.
  3. Set up your camera via the Brinks Home app. Follow this link for quick instructions about how to do so.