Qolsys Key Fob—Battery Replacement

Find the image of your key fob below to view instructions on how to complete your battery replacement.

Once you've replaced the batteries, the error on your panel should clear within one hour. If you would like to clear the error manually, click here.

Qolsys QS1310-PO1 IQ FOB 4-Button Key Fob:

Remove the screw from the back of the key fob to remove the back panel.

Remove and replace GF27A 12-Volt Alkaline battery.



Qolsys QS1331-840 IQ FOB-S Encrypted 4-Button Key Fob:

Insert a coin into the side slot to pry the circuit board from the backplate.

Remove and replace CR2032 battery with the + side face down.



Qolsys QS1312-P01 DESK IQ FOB 2-Button Key Fob:

Insert a screwdriver into the slot to open the front cover.

Slide the CR2032 battery out to remove and replace with the + side face up.



Interlogix WST-102 Wireless Sensor 4-Button, 345Mhz, Chrome-Plated Key Fob:

With a key or small screwdriver, push up on the black tab located at the bottom of the key fob and slide the chrome trim off.


Carefully separate the front and back piece of plastic to reveal the battery.
Remove and replace CR2032 battery with the + side face up.


Reassemble the plastic pieces, ensuring they click back together.
Ensure the notch in the chrome trim is aligned with the back of the plastic.