Simon XT/XTi Keyfob—Battery Replacement

Find the image of your keyfob below to view instructions on how to complete your battery replacement. Due to the versatility of your panel, only commonly paired keyfobs are shown. If your specific keyfob is unlisted, you can search for other keyfobs here. If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.

Once you've replaced the batteries, the error on your panel should clear within one hour. If you would like to clear the error manually, click here for steps to clear an alert from your Simon XT panel. Otherwise, if you have a Simon XTi panel, click here for steps to clear trouble alerts.

Interlogix / GE Security TX-4012 / TX-4014 / TX-4015 Keyfobs:

Insert a coin into the slot shown below, and twist to open it.

Slide the CR2032 3-Volt Lithium battery out to remove and replace with the + side face up.



Interlogix / GE / ITI 60-606 / 60-607 Keyfob:

Remove the screw and pry open the cover as shown below.

Remove and replace GP23A 12-Volt Lithium battery.



Interlogix WST-102 Wireless Sensor 4-Button, 345Mhz, Chrome-Plated Keyfob:

With a key or small screwdriver, push up on the black tab located at the bottom of the keyfob and slide the chrome trim off.


Carefully separate the front and back piece of plastic to reveal the battery.
Remove and replace CR2032 battery with the + side face up.


Reassemble the plastic pieces, ensuring they click back together.
Ensure the notch in the chrome trim is aligned with the back of the plastic.