How to Add a Z-Wave Device to the 2GIG Edge

Please follow the steps below to add smart home devices to the 2GIG Edge panel:

1. Access the Z-Wave Settings menu by selecting Settings (the cog icon).


2. On the settings menu, tap Smart Home Settings.


3. Tap Add Device, then the smart home device appears.


4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add specific devices, then tap Add Device. The panel will listen for a device to add. Follow the instructions included with the Z-Wave device to start the learn process, which will have to trip the sensor or tamper the sensor cover.


5. When the system discovers the device, it is automatically added and the adding device message appears.


6. Enter the device’s DSK code, then tap Enter. Note: this enter code screen only applies to S2 Z-Wave devices.


7. The newly added device confirmation will appear. Tap Ok.


8. Any device information captured during the discovery process appears below the device name. Tap Done to return to the Z-Wave settings screen.


9. With the device added, you may like to assign timing rules, scenes, or other triggers for specific devices. For information on configuring rules to automation devices in the Brinks Home™ Mobile App, click here.