Event-Triggered Automation Rules

With a Smart Lock, you have the ability to create event-triggered lock automation rules, allowing you to automatically lock or unlock door locks based on the status of your security system or additional locks.

Create an Event-Triggered Lock Automation Rule

  1. Log in to your Brinks Home™ App.
  2. 001a Brinks Home-Home Security Desktop App-Main Menu

  3. Click Automation.
  4. 002a Brinks Home-Home Security Desktop App-Automation

  5. Click Add New Rule, then New Rule Builder.
  6. 003a Brinks Home-Home Security Rule Creation

  7. Click When to select what kind of event will trigger your rule.
  8. 004a Brinks Home-Home Security Automation Rule-When to Trigger

  9. Select Contact Sensor to designate any linked sensor to activate your rule. Select Security Panel to activate a rule upon either arming or disarming your system. Press Next to proceed.
  10. 004b Brinks Home-Home Security Automation Rule-Trigger Types

  11. Click Then to select what happens when the event is triggered. Here is where you are able to select door locks connected to your system and whether they will lock or unlock based on your rule.
  12. 006a Brinks Home-Home Security Automation Rule-Then What Happens

  13. It is recommended that you set a name for your rule, and if you want to limit the times that the rule can run, click on where it says Run at All Times, then press Save.
  14. 007a Brinks Home-Home Security Automation Rule-Complete