How to Program the QS1230-840 to the IQ Panel 2

Please follow the steps below to connect your QS1230-840 IQ Motion-S detector to the IQ Panel 2.

1. Swipe down from clock display to show the settings menu, press Settings, then press Advanced Settings.

001a_Enter_Program_01_275x155.jpg 001b_Enter_Program_02_275x155.jpg 001c_Enter_Program_03_275x155.jpg

2. Enter the default installer code 1111 or default dealer code 2222, press Installation, then Devices.

002a_Enter_Program_04_275x155.jpg 002b_Installation_01_275x155.jpg 002c_Devices_01_275x155.jpg

3. Press Security Sensors, then Auto Learn Sensors.

003a_Security_Sensors_01_275x155.jpg 003b_Auto_Learn_Sensors_01_275x155.jpg 003c_Auto_Learn_Sensor_01_Learning_275x155.jpg

4. In the motion detector, insert a paperclip to press then release the reset button to reboot. Learning can take 30 to 60 seconds. The IQ Panel 2 beeps if successful and displays sensor settings.

005a_Auto_Learn_Sensor_02_Accept_275x155.jpg 005b_Add_Sensor_52_DL_ID_Entered_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

5. Press Sensor Type, then select Motion from the list.

005.2a_Add_Sensor_53_Sensor_Type_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 005.2b_Add_Sensor_53_Sensor_Type_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

6. Press Sensor Group, then select 17 or 20.

006a_Add_Sensor_54_Sensor_Group_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 006b_Add_Sensor_54_Sensor_Group_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

7. Press Sensor Name, then select from list or press Custom Description to enter a custom name.

007a_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 007b_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_275x155.png 007c_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_2_275x155.png

8. Press Chime Type, then select None.

008a_Add_Sensor_56_Chime_Type_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 008b_Add_Sensor_56_Chime_Type_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

9. Press Voice Prompts, select Off, then press Add New to save and exit.

009a_Add_Sensor_57_Voice_Prompt_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 009b_Add_Sensor_57_Voice_Prompt_2.3.0_433_275x155.png 009c_Add_Sensor_58_Finished_275x155.png