ADC-VDB105/106 Video Doorbell Guide


  • • Camera: 1080p/720p HD
  • • Motion Sensor: PIR detection 180° at 15 ft.
  • • Night Vision: Full Color Night Vision 15 ft.
  • • Field of View: 180°
  • • Data Transfer Speed: SuperSpeed 2x (150 MHz)
  • • Bluetooth: Low energy

Skybell Slim Line ADC-VDB105-106


  • • Doorbell with integrated camera
  • • IR night vision
  • • PIR motion sensor
  • • Digital microphone and speaker
  • • Record doorbell-triggered clips
  • • Set motion-triggered automation rules
  • • Receive real-time alerts
  • • Works with the Brinks Home™ App

Factory Default

Warning: erases everything, the camera must be re-added to your account.

To reset the camera to factory default, press and hold the main button until the LED is flashing green and red (about 75 seconds), then release the button. The camera will reboot to factory default.

008.2 ADC-VDB105c

Add Camera using the Brinks Home™ Mobile App

Note: during installation, there may be a message indicating that there is no Wi-Fi available, but this is expected. Dismiss the message, and continue to stay connected to the video doorbell camera's temporary Wi-Fi during the installation process. It is recommended to remain within six feet of the video doorbell camera throughout the entire enrollment process to ensure the mobile device and the video doorbell camera stay connected.

1. Log in to the Brinks Home App, and press Doorbell Camera on the main menu.


2. Press the + button to add a new device.


3. Select which device type you would like to add.


4. You will be prompted to confirm installation is complete and the LED is flashing red and green, then press Next.



5. Tap to enter a device name, then press Next.

006A.1 006B.1

6. Follow the app instructions to select the temporary Wi-Fi network being broadcast by your specific doorbell camera.