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Add another layer to protecting your home with a wireless security system from Brinks Home Security™. You can add indoor and outdoor cameras to any of our systems and integrate them with your home’s Wi-Fi so you can access live image capture and video streaming.

While a camera isn’t meant to replace alarms and sensors, they add a robust additional deterrent to would be thieves. Burglars don’t like to see security cameras outside homes. And with Brinks Home, you can view live feeds on your smartphone. Our HD home security cameras provide up to 50 feet of video coverage, and they work nonstop — day and night. Access the cloud-based footage online, anytime, with no need to hook-up DVRs or CCTV systems.

Add a Camera to Any System

You can add indoor or outdoor cameras to any of our systems. Like all of our 24/7 professionally monitored systems, which come with door and motion sensors and mobile alerts, your security cameras are easy to take with you if you need to move.

Home Security as a whole

Cameras are a smart addition to a new or existing home security system, but they do not replace the need for alarms and sensors. It may also take some extra time to install your cameras. You also need to be sure that if you’re placing a camera outdoors, it’s made to withstand those conditions.

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You can find more information about our systems in our FAQ section, or call us at 800-447-9239. Your camera will need to be connected to an electrical supply, so you may want to check with an electrician before beginning the installation process.

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