Home Security Remote Access: Benefits & How it Works

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When an alarm is sent by your home security system, in addition to contacting first responders, another huge advantage of having a modern home security system is the peace of mind you get knowing that what you care about most is kept safe. That feeling that your home is protected can be conveniently confirmed any time of day if that system is enabled with home security remote access.

What is home security remote access?

Through home security remote access, you can watch and control your home security system from anywhere with access to the internet conveniently using a mobile app installed on your smartphone. Once you connect with your system remotely, you can check the status of door and window sensors, view indoor and outdoor cameras you’ve installed, and control any smart home devices you have connected, such as a thermostat or lights.

If you receive notifications, such as a sensor has been triggered, and you have verified that there is not an actual emergency, you may also be able to cancel the alarm before it is reported falsely to first responders. In 2021, a reported 7.8% of fire department responses were unfortunately due to false alarms. Being able to cancel or verify an alarm may help ensure critical resources are where they need to be, and depending on alarm permit requirements where you live, this could keep you from potentially paying for false alarms.

How does remote access work?

Remote access works by connecting your home security system to the internet, usually over your home’s Wi-Fi network. More advanced home security systems will also have a cellular communications backup in case there is an issue with your Wi-Fi. It is through these secure channels that your home security system will be made accessible online, but this is password-protected so that only you will have access.

Using a mobile app, usually provided through a professional monitoring company, that you will have to install on your smartphone or other connected device, there should user interface that includes menus of settings that you can adjust and controls that let you access different parts of your system. Provided your smartphone has connectivity to the internet, you can now use a smartphone app to access your security system from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Home Security with Remote Access

Connecting remotely to your home security system using your personal mobile device can provide peace of mind, the convenience of being alerted to events in real-time, the ability to control smart home devices, and give you the ability to give a quick response to events reported on your property, all through an intuitive interface saved to your personal device. Detailed below are our picks for top benefits:

Peace of Mind

As previously said, there is peace in knowing that your home, and everything inside, is being protected, and you will be notified if there is an issue. With each layer of protection, your ability to focus on the present while away from home becomes easier.

Real-Time Alerts

Remote access allows you to receive real-time alerts when something happens at your home. Depending on how you configure your system to let you know, this may not require the smartphone app, as some systems can be set up to send SMS text messages, phone push notifications, or even emails. With professional monitoring companies, you may also receive a phone call in case an intrusion or other potential hazard is detected.

Control Smart Devices

With remote access, you can control smart devices in your home from anywhere. Do you want to turn on your house lights so your pets can remain calm when you work late? Do you need to change the thermostat from its normal program because you’ll be arriving home earlier than expected?

Deter Crime

A home equipped with a security system can already provide a strong deterrent to burglars who see that your house is protected, but having the ability to use a smartphone app to broadcast your voice, engaging in two-way communications through a connected outdoor camera, will likely alert potential intruders. To say the least, this would dispel any illusion that your home is going unattended.

Quick Response

With remote access, you can quickly respond to emergencies. For example, if you receive an alert that your smoke detector has gone off, you can quickly call the fire department, or with professional monitoring, it will be dispatched on your behalf if you cannot be reached.

Intuitive to Use

Home security systems with remote access are easy to use. Most systems come with a smartphone app that is intuitive and user-friendly.

Selecting a Home Security System that Features Remote Control

Home security systems with remote access provide you with extra layers of security so that you can put your mind at ease, including real-time alerts and the ability to control smart devices from anywhere in the world. As they also deter crime and provide you with a quick way to respond to emergencies, remote access is more than a luxury, it is a very practical feature.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your home and loved ones, a home security system with remote access is a great option. The best way to start designing your perfect home security system is to speak with a 24/7 professional monitoring company that can recommend to you the best equipment for your needs. Contact us today at Brinks Home™ to speak with a Security Consultant about what you need in a home security system.

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