Top 5 Benefits of Video Doorbell System

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Whether relaxing at home, out running errands or taking a vacation, video doorbells allow you to have eyes on everything happening on your porch. Learn five ways adding video doorbells to your home security system can keep your home, family and belongings safe.

Live Video Surveillance

Nobody realistically has the time to constantly watch security footage. Our security cameras, powered by AI, offer intelligent video analytics, motion sensing, and night vision technology to pinpoint the activity you want to see. If something bad does occur while you are home or away, you can easily access the video footage on the cloud, or on an SD card. At Brinks Home, we make it easy to choose how you want to receive video clips and alerts in real time. Depending on your preferences, needs and lifestyle, you can get alerts and keep tabs on your home, family, and valuables, anytime, anywhere.

Preventing Package Theft and Robberies

Many criminals can recognize video doorbells and will actively select homes with little to no security system in place. Simply having a video doorbell makes porch pirates and intruders think twice about coming near your home. While a video doorbell will not prevent every crime, it will help deter many. If the worst-case scenario does occur, you will have footage and evidence of what occurred to give to the proper authorities. You can also use any available footage to help close neighbors if anything happens to their home.

Checking on Your Home While You Are Away

The last thing you need while you are away from home is anxiety and stress. Our intelligent video analytics ensure that you are not unnecessarily alarmed while you are away. Your camera can act as a “security guard,” while you are gone that can classify moving objects as people, animals or vehicles. Creating virtual “zones” around specific areas you care about can ensure you only receive alerts whenever motion is detected within your pre-selected perimeter.

Having a video doorbell can even make it easier for trusted family members or friends to check on things while you are away. For example, if you see an important delivery or package has arrived on your porch; you can contact your trusted person to ask them to take it inside as soon as they can. That way, they don’t have to check for it multiple times and you can trust that your package makes it inside safely.

Screening Guests When You are Home

It is hardly ever convenient to see who is at the door even when you are home. Video doorbells make it easy to see who is at, or approaching, your door, which gives you plenty of time to assess if it is safe to open the door. Having a video doorbell is particularly great for remote workers, busy stay-at-home parents and anyone who receives packages or deliveries.

If you are expecting company or deliveries, you can open the app on your smart device to use your video doorbell like an intercom to say things like “I’m on my way,” or “I’ll be down in a minute.” If you aren’t expecting company, having a video doorbell allows you to safely see who is at the door from any room in your house. With the same intercom feature, you can avoid face-to-face contact with a stranger or unwanted guest to say things like, “we aren’t interested,” or “now is not a great time.”

Easy Installation Almost Anywhere

You don’t have to limit video doorbells to just the front door. Depending on your home's set-up and Wi-Fi connection, you can place video doorbells on any entrance for your home. Additional video doorbells can be particularly ideal for back doors and can allow you to have double the home security and monitoring.

Installing new technology can seem intimidating for many. Luckily, Brinks Home has options for both professional and DIY installation depending on your preference. Professional installation can be beneficial for wired doorbell cameras because they often need to interact with an existing doorbell and can be tricky to install yourself. If you are looking for a doorbell that is easier to install yourself, consider trying a battery-powered doorbell.

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