How to Install Different Types of Doorbells

A guide to mounting, charging, and setting up your doorbell camera


DECEMBER 3, 2021


Home security starts right at your front door. Installing a video doorbell can not only allow you to see anyone approaching or trying to enter your home, but it can also help you keep an eye on kiddos while they await the morning school bus or return home. Should you go with a hard-wired option or a wireless camera? Just how helpful are these gadgets, and how do you install or wire a doorbell? Here’s a guide to help you make the best decision to protect you, your family, and your home.

Enhance your home’s security with a video doorbell

Installing a video doorbell not only allows you to see who’s on the other side of your home’s entrance, but some models also feature two-way audio so you can communicate with the person outside for an added layer of convenience and security. Here are some other benefits of a video doorbell:

  • See people approaching your home before they get close to the door.

  • Answer the door whether you’re home or not, using a wireless doorbell camera paired with the Brinks HomeTM Mobile App. Would-be intruders scoping out your home may be less likely to break in if they think you’re there.

  • Communicate with the person at a safe distance from your door. If it’s someone you don’t know, it’s better to view your front stoop from the next room via your smartphone.

  • Record all activity outside your front entrance. In the event you or your neighborhood experiences suspicious activity or a burglary, you’ve caught everything authorities may need on camera.

  • Install a doorbell equipped with night vision, so you can clearly see after-dark activity.

  • Consider incorporating video doorbells at all entrances. Sometimes burglars will skip the front door and head straight for a back or side entrance to catch you off guard.

Select the right video doorbell

Many older homes may still have traditional hard-wired doorbells. Today’s homeowners and contractors, however, lean more toward wireless options that don’t require electricity. A wireless solution also allows you to more conveniently position chimes in your home so you’re sure to hear your doorbell no matter where you are. As an added bonus, most modern doorbells include a variety of chimes, so you can select one you enjoy. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Ensure your selected doorbell is compatible with your home’s current security system.

  • Decide on the appropriate mounting height and angle for your video doorbell so you can see your front porch (and anyone who’s on it) clearly.

  • Purchase insurance to protect your device from theft.

  • Choose a doorbell camera with optimal local storage and a free cloud repository. Back up your footage every two weeks so you’ll have the data should you need it.

  • Check your doorbell’s batteries regularly to ensure everything remains in proper working order.

  • If you choose a Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell, make sure its range encompasses your home or, better yet, your entire property. That way you can still monitor anyone approaching your front door when you’re in the backyard.

Install a doorbell

To install a Brinks Home™ video doorbell, you’ll need a mounting plate and screws, which come with the doorbell, as well as a Phillips screwdriver. Here are some simple steps and a comprehensive installation video to guide you through the process:

  • Step 1: Remove the current doorbell, and install the new mounting plate with the provided screws. Pull the existing wires through the hole in the center of the mounting plate.

  • Step 2: Slightly loosen the two bottom screws. Then, insert each wire into each screw, tighten the screws, and gently pull on the wires to confirm they’re secure. Tuck excess wiring back into the mounting plate’s middle hole.

  • Step 3: Snap your video doorbell in place. First, attach it to the top of the mounting plate, and then secure the doorbell to the bottom.

  • Step 4: Tighten the set screw, located on the bottom of the mounting plate, to fasten the doorbell in place. You will see the camera begin to power up, and the button begin to pulse blue, which indicates the device is charging.

  • Step 5: The device will flash green and red when fully charged. At that point, you can sync your doorbell with the Brinks Home™ Mobile App.

High-profile doorbell installation

A high-profile doorbell sticks out from the house about an inch or so, and you’ll wire it with two 18-gauge wires. To replace this type of doorbell, simply detach it from your home’s exterior using a screwdriver, and then use a current detector to ensure the wires are safe to touch. Carefully remove the wires by unscrewing them from the terminals so you don’t break them. Install your new doorbell by reconnecting each of the existing wires to the new terminals and securing the new doorbell in place.

Low-profile doorbell installation

Unlike a high-profile doorbell, a low-profile model only protrudes about 1/8 inch because its components may be inside the doorframe or wall. If you’re replacing a low-profile doorbell with a high-profile one, you may have to remove some material from your home using a drill, hammer, or masonry bit to make room for the new doorbell’s components. Once you’ve prepared the space and surface, proceed by connecting the wires to the terminals, and secure the device in place.

For more ideas, information, and security products to protect you, your family, and your home, visit the Brinks Home website or browse our blog topics.

Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

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