What You Need To Know About Doorbell Camera Mounting Height

Making sure your video doorbell is in the right place. 


September 4, 2020

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The  best security systems  provide you with multiple ways to see and hear what’s going on, both inside and outside of your home. A security system is a wonderful way to prevent crime and protect your home, but sometimes it’s nice to just know who’s at the door. Whether it’s part of a complete security system or just an a la carte feature, a doorbell camera is a great way to add safety and convenience to your life. Doorbell cameras can help you keep an eye on your street, let you know when you have packages, and help you avoid pesky salesmen. However, in order to do these things effectively, you’ll need to mount the doorbell properly. It needs to be placed in a convenient location, while still providing a clear view of anyone approaching your door.

Overall, these cameras can be a valuable part of a home security system. But if they are mounted improperly, then they can’t provide a good picture of people approaching your door. Rather than take the chance on a doorbell camera not providing what’s needed for your security, it’s best to follow the installation and operating instructions carefully.  That includes the mounting height for the doorbell camera.

Standard Security Device Heights

The vast majority of security devices have  standard installation heights  and other requirements. With this in mind, the doorbell camera should be mounted at the same height as a typical doorbell. Many homeowners think the doorbell camera must be mounted higher so it will properly capture a person’s face, however this isn’t always necessary: Doorbell cameras are designed to be mounted at doorbell height, and this will still allow them to capture images of the doorbell-ringer’s appearance.

Plus, an oddly mounted doorbell can cause a bit of confusion for guests. The doorbell camera should still function as a doorbell, so that visitors can easily find it to let you know they’ve arrived.

Importance of Visibility

With  the right security system, a homeowner can see their entire home and yard (if desired). It’s valuable to be able to see the area where people may be moving around, but homeowners also need to know if someone is entering their home. A doorbell camera can show you when someone is approaching your front door, but if you are concerned about the rest of your house, you’ll need additional protection. That can be handled through door and window sensors, along with glass break sensors and motion detectors. You can use these sensors along with a quality doorbell camera to secure each and every entrance to your home.

Once you have secured all the entrances, you should consider backing your system with professional monitoring. Doorbell cameras and other devices can send you notifications when they detect activity, but you may not always be available to address them. A professional monitoring service can help you keep tabs on your home and ensure that there is a quick response to any emergencies. Monitoring isn’t just for entry sensors, you can also have monitored flood sensors and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Brinks Home™ offers 24/7 monitoring, security equipment, and home automation. To find out what Brinks Home can do for you, call to get a free quote today.

Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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