How to Program Wi-Fi on the 2GIG Edge Remote Keypad

  1. After powering up, the Edge remote keypad will display a message on the screen. Press Next to continue.
  2. 001 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Keypad Bootup

  3. Ensure the Edge remote keypad and the 2GIG Edge panel are both connected to the same wireless network. If you have already connected the keypad to your wireless network, skip to step 8 for instructions on synchronizing to your primary keypad.
  4. 002 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Network Selection

  5. From the home page on the 2GIG Edge remote keypad, tap the settings icon (cog), then tap Keypad.
  6. 001.1 2GIG Edge Home Screen 001.2 2GIG Edge Select Keypad for Installer Code

  7. Enter 1561, then tap Installer Toolbox.
  8. 001.2b 2GIG Edge Installer Code 002.1 2GIG Edge Installer Toolbox

  9. Tap Panel Programming, then tap Network Settings.
  10. 002.2 2GIG Edge Panel Programming 002.2 2GIG Edge Network Settings

  11. Tap on your preferred home wireless network from the list.
  12. 003.1 2GIG Edge Select Network

  13. Enter your network password, then tap the back icon (left arrow). Enter network password at the Keyboard Entry screen and tap Connect.
  14. 003.2 2GIG Edge Enter Your Network Password

  15. After the 2GIG Edge remote keypad has connected to the chosen Wi-Fi network, you’ll be prompted to press Pair on the primary 2GIG Edge panel. Note: When a 2GIG Edge remote keypad is available to pair on the network, the main panel will receive a notification message.
  16. 003 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Pairing to Primary Panel

  17. On the primary panel, navigate to the installer toolbox by pressing the settings icon (cog), tap Keypad, enter 1561, then select Installer Toolbox.

  18. Tap Panel Programming, tap Keypads, tap an available, numbered keypad, then tap the adjacent Keypad Used setting or Edit Keypad.
  19. 004 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Pairing to Keypads

  20. Tap Enabled.
  21. 005 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Enable Keypad

  22. Tap Device ID. Tap Pair Keypad. The device will search (listen) for a keypad.
  23. 006 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Edge Connecting

  24. If desired, select Voice Descriptor to assign a voice descriptor. Tap Edit Voice Descriptor.
  25. 007 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Set Descriptor

  26. Type the name of the desired descriptor to search, then choose from the list of available words. Select Done.
  27. 008 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Descriptor Options

  28. Press the back button repeatedly to return to the home screen.
  29. 009 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Go Back

  30. The panels are now paired, both displaying the home screen.
  31. 010 2GIG Edge-RMK Remote Wireless Home Screen In-Sync