What to Do if the Concord 4 is Not Responding

If your Concord 4 panel is not responding, you will need to power cycle the panel. Follow the steps below to access and disconnect power from the panel.

  1. Find the main panel (usually located in a closet). Remove any screws from the cover or unlock to open the cover.
  2. Concord_Battery_Replacement_1.jpg

  3. Unplug from AC power from the wall. If you cannot find the plug for your panel, be careful when disconnecting the 12 Volt 4 to 7 Amp battery, then wait several minutes before reconnecting.
  4. Concord_Battery_Replacement_2.jpg

  5. Wait several minutes before reconnecting. The system will reboot, at which point key responsiveness is expected to return.

If functionality does not return, or you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.