How to Program Wi-Fi on the GC2/GC2e Panel

The GC2/GC2E panel requires the following to support Wi-Fi communications:

  • • Firmware version 1.12 or higher
  • • 2GIG-XCVR 900 MHz transceiver
  • • 2GIG Go!Bridge IP communicator (2GIG-BRDG1-900)

Setting Up the GoBridge IP Communicator

  1. In the room that holds your internet router, plug in the GoBridge power adapter using the plastic bracket included to secure it in place.
  2. GoBridge AC Power with Brace

  3. Verify that the two LEDs on the GoBridge IP communicator display red.
  4. GoBridge LED Facing 2

  5. Connect the GoBridge IP communicator to your internet router using an ethernet cord. Do not plug the cable into the uplink port.

GoBridge Backing

Programming the GoBridge on the GC2 Panel

  1. On your GC2/GC2E panel, tap the system logo in the lower-right corner of the home screen.
  2. 001a GC2 Enter Programming

  3. Enter the default installer code 1561 or 1711, then press System Configuration.
  4. 001b Enter Programming 001c Enter Programming

  5. By default, this will send you to the screen displaying Q1: Select RF Sensor # (01 to 48). On this screen, tap Go To.
  6. 002a Entering programming

  7. At the Enter Question Number (2 Digits) screen, enter 92.
  8. 004a Programming GoBridge Enter 2 Digits

  9. At Q92 Select Network Device (0 to 1), tap the right arrow to scroll to (1) Go!Bridge IP Communicator, then tap the down arrow.
  10. At Q: Network Device ID (Read Only), tap Learn. At the Pair with Xcvr Device screen, the initiating learning process message appears.
  11. On the Go!Bridge IP communicator, press and release the Learn button (the small, black plastic button on the LED side of the device below the 900MHz LED).
  12. When successful, a message stating learn operation succeeded will appear on the panel along with Go!Bridge IP Communicator and it's ID. Also, the 900MHz LED on the Go!Bridge IP communicator flashes green.
  13. At the Pair with Xcvr Device screen, tap OK, then tap the down arrow to continue with configuring the Go!Bridge IP communicator settings.

Configuring the Go!Bridge IP Communicator Settings

  1. At the Q: Select Port # (1 to 8) screen, enter the port number for the for Brinks Home's monitoring services' server, then tap the down arrow.
  2. At Q: Used (0 to 1), tap the right arrow and select (0) Disabled by default, then tap Next:
  3. At the Summary of Network Device screen, tap the down arrow. Verify the list of port numbers and forward IP addresses appear as programmed, then tap Skip.
  4. At Q93 Enter Broadband Network Failure Time (1 to 255), enter the desired number of minutes that must pass before a network failure triggers an alert. The default value is 30 minutes. Then, tap the down arrow.
  5. At Q94 Select Broadband Network Failure Report (0 or 1), tap the right arrow to select whether or not to report the broadband network failure to the monitoring service. (1) Enabled is the recommended setting.
  6. Tap End.
  7. At the Summary of System Configuration screen, verify the settings. Then tap Save Changes.
  8. Tap Exit to close the system configuration screen.