GC2 Panel—Tamper Error

A tamper error occurs when the panel is reading that the cover is not attached properly. To address the tamper error on your GC2/GC2e, follow the instructions below.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Remove the top screw, and pry open slots with a flat head screwdriver.

001 2GIG GC2 Screw Top

2. Gently pull the cover down, then close the cover, ensuring it conforms to the panel and is not obstructed by the backup battery or wires.


3. Place the panel back onto backplate, ensuring it fits and conforms to the packplate. If applicable, tighten top and bottom screws.

005 2GIG GC2e Battery Replacement 06

4. Return the top screw to the top of the panel. If the screw is lost, replace it with a Phillips oval head 4-40 X 3/8" SS screw.


Clear the Panel Alert

See instructions below for how to clear the error alert and stop alert beeping on your panel.

1. Press Security then tap the yellow triangle button.

User_Menu_-_Trouble_00.png User_Menu_-_Trouble_01.png

2. Use the up/down arrows to scroll through the alerts to clear them, then press Ok to exit. This action will silence the beeping for 4 hours, but the issue must be resolved in order for beeping to completely end, and clear alerts for issues that have been resolved.

User_Menu_-_Trouble_02.png User_Menu_-_Disarm_03.png

3. The top bar on the main screen can also indicate various alerts.


Trouble Alert Descriptions:

  • • AC power failure: check the power outlet to which the panel is connected. Confirm the transformer is securely connected.
  • • Low panel battery: If power has been interrupted, allow 24 hours for the panel battery to recharge. If this persists, look into replacing the battery.
  • • Communication failure: has there been a recent change to your Wi-Fi? Ensure the panel is updated with sign in credentials. Also, look for any new source of interference.
  • • For other trouble conditions, please refer to your user or installation manual.

Tips to resolve the tamper error:

    • • Ensure batteries fit within their intended compartment
    • • Ensure the cover is replaced snugly into its designed casing
    • • Ensure any fasteners, such as screws or tabs, are tightened or securely locked into place
    • • Additional action may be required at the panel to fully clear the error

If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.