GC2 GoControl—Door Chimes

Sensors can be configured for different chime sounds

1. Press SECURITY then MENU

Enter_User_Programming_01.png Enter_User_Programming_02.png

2. Press TOOLBOX then enter the Master Code

Enter_User_Programming_03.png Enter_User_Programming_04.png

3. Press CHIME SETUP then select sensor

User_Menu_-_Door_Voice_Chime_02.png User_Menu_-_Door_Voice_Chime_06.png

4. Scroll chime types with ARROW buttons then select new chime then press OK

User_Menu_-_Door_Voice_Chime_05.png User_Menu_-_Door_Voice_Chime_04.png

4. Press BACK or the HOME button to exit

User_Menu_-_Door_Voice_Chime_03.png Home_Button_3.jpg