Extend the Life of your Door/Window Sensors

In addition to common battery and communication issues, which you can learn more about here, extra care can be taken to potentially extend the life of older door/window sensors.

For your safety, please remove the battery from the sensor before proceeding with any of the following tips. Please do not follow these steps for wired sensors.

  • Sensor battery contact points, where the battery touches metal or a metal spring inside the sensor, can be gently cleaned using alcohol and a cloth. This can help reverse an unexplained low battery signal, even when fresh batteries are being used.
  • If there has been damage by corrosive materials or rust, the contact points can be carefully scraped with a flathead screwdriver to remove minor buildup, but this may indicate that a replacement is near due.
  • Many sensors have a spring inside for the tamper switch. If it has fallen off, there is a chance that a spring from a ballpoint pen can be used as a temporary replacement. Press the spring 5-10 times, and stretch the spring if needed, to ensure the cover will press it down and close completely.
  • Make sure the cover securely snaps together when closed.

If the problem persists, please text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685. Please note that basic troubleshooting may be repeated before we can determine if a replacement is necessary.