Sensor Malfunction

This error is most commonly caused by low batteries 70% of the time. For more information on sensor low batteries, click here.

Every hour, your alarm system sends a signal to all of your sensors to ensure functionality and proper reporting, which is called a "roll call". If a sensor fails to send a response signal, a failure signal will be sent to your control panel and you'll see an alert or Malfunction in the Brinks Home™ App.

Common reasons a sensor will go into failure/malfunction are:

  1. The battery in the sensor is dead.

  2. The sensor is too far from the control panel. If the sensor exceeds 100 feet, then a malfunction may occur.

  3. There is something causing Radio Frequency (RF) interference near that sensor or near the control panel. Common wireless devices that cause interference include the following:

  • Routers, telephones, gaming controllers, doorbells, large metallic objects such as refrigerators or large TVs, plaster walls with metal fiber, metal studs in the wall, or interior concrete walls.


  1. Change the sensor battery.
    • Note: If you change the battery, be sure to reseat the cover. If the cover is not properly aligned and snug it will create a tamper error. Additionally, check to make sure the arrows on the sensors are lined up and there is no more than ¼ inch between the two when mounting.
  2. Perform a sensor test to attempt another roll call. Select your panel below for steps on how to perform this test.

    C._IQ_PANEL_2.pngC._Simon_XTi.pngC._Simon_XT.pngC. 2GIG

  3. Survey the area for recent changes, such as new nearby electronics which may be causing interference.
  4. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the sensor as it is defective.

Silence Trouble Beeps via the Brinks Home App

The trouble beeps can be paused using the Brinks Home App (powered by, through the following method, unless a smoke or carbon monoxide detector is included in your equipment list.

Only the following conditions will be available to silence: panel power failure, device low battery, panel low battery, sensor tamper, dual-path communication failure - broadband, dual-path communication failure – cellular.

  1. Log in to the Brinks Home App.
  2. Select the gear icon on the Issues card.
  3. Tap Trouble Beeps.
  4. Tap Turn Off, then press Turn Off again to confirm.

If the condition causing the trouble beeps is not listed on the issues card, the same steps can be attempted on the system security card for any non-2GIG system.

Trouble beeps will discontinue for 7 days, except for 2GIG systems which will pause indefinitely. Trouble beeps will be restored if there is a change in the activity, such as resolving the issue followed by a reoccurrence of the same issue or when a new issue emerges.

This option is available on the following panels, some requiring additional considerations as listed below.

Compatible panel

Additional considerations



2GIG GoControl 

Firmware version 1.17.03+.

DSC Impassa


DSC iotega


Interlogix Concord 4

Does not support the highlight button feature to indicate current status.

The panel must be disarmed for the pause trouble beeps command to be successful.

Interlogix Simon XT / XTi / XTi-5 / Prime

Does not support the highlight button feature to indicate current status.

Qolsys IQ panels 

Qolsys IQ Panel, IQ Panel 2/2 Plus, IQ Hub, IQ Panel 4, or IQ4 Hub. 

SEM DSC PowerSeries 

Firmware version 4.4+ and module firmware version 185+.

SEM Honeywell/ADEMCO Vista (Dual-Path) 

Module firmware version 187+ with the uploader/downloader feature enabled.