Simon XTi Panel Guide


  • • Backup batteries: 6VDC, 2100mAh, NIMH (600-XTI-BAT)
  • • Backup time: 24 hours (fully charged)
  • • Touchscreen: 5” diagonal touchscreen; 480x272 resolution
  • • Total input: zones 80 wireless, or 78 wireless and 2 wired
  • • Operating temperature: 32°F-122°F (0°C-49°C)


  • • Simple, no button interface—all interaction occurs via a 5-inch color LCD
  • • Selectable user interface (UI) which matches corresponding Brinks Home™ Mobile App
  • • At-a-glance status of home and property
  • • Actionable status icons
    • – Identify door/window open
    • – Last motion detected
    • – “My property” icon status; covers all non-window, non-interior motion changes
  • • Menu-based system programming and test
  • • 80 wireless zones—two can be hardwired (normally-closed loop only)
  • • Built-in PSTN 2-way voice capability (over cellular with optional module)
  • • Supports both crystal and SAW LearnMode sensors, repeaters
  • • Supports 2-way RF products (version-specific)
  • • Chime feature for monitoring door, window or motion activity
  • • 1 master access code and 8 programmable user access codes of 3 to 6 digits
  • • SIA or CID central station reporting formats and Voice Event Notification reporting via PSTN (native) and/or optional Cellular and IP modules
  • • Program panel with built-in touch screen or Enterprise Downloader software v6.0 or later
  • • Expansion options
    • – Internet-based interactivity (with third-party providers)
    • – Support for on-premises remote control with optional talking touchpad or touch screen accessories
    • – Compatible with the Interlogix Image Sensor V3 providing on-screen image display

    User Functions:

    Arm Away: Arm Away is used when you plan on arming the system and leaving the home.

    1. Press the lock icon, then press Arm All.

    Arm_01_Main.jpg Arm_02_Away.jpg

    2. A countdown timer appears while arming.

    Arm_04_Arming.jpg Simon_XT_Armed.jpg

    Arm Stay: Arm Stay is used when you plan on arming the system and staying home.

    1. Press the lock icon, then press Arm Doors & Windows Only (Stay).

    Arm Stay Away 01 278x208 Arm Stay 01 278x208

    2. A countdown timer appears while arming.

    Arm_04_Arming.jpg Simon_XT_Armed.jpg

    Disarm System: This will disarm your system, and it will silence and reset any active alarm.

    Press the Lock icon, then enter your disarm* code (access/master/user code). The lock icon will only be available if you are in armed stay mode.

    Disarm_01.jpg Disarm_02.jpg

    Check Your System Status:  Checking your system's status will display which sensors are currently open or if any of your sensors are experiencing a trouble condition, such as a low battery.

    1. Enter your disarm* code (access/master/user code).


    2. Press the gear icon on the bottom right, then press Hear button by Panel Status to hear any alarm conditions.

    Silence_Alarm_03.jpg Silence_Alarm_04.jpg

    3. To clear any alerts, press Clear, then press Close to exit.

    Silence_Alarm_05.jpg Silence_Alarm_06.jpg

    How to Power Cycle the Panel

    1. Insert a coin into the bottom right corner slot, then twist to remove the front faceplate.


    1. Pry the top two tabs up, then fold down front cover.

    002b Simon XTi Battery Replacement 2.jpg

    1. Unplug and remove the battery pack.

    004 c1 batt pack simon xti

    1. Disconnect the AC transformer, then wait approximately 2 minutes.
    2. 001b_Remove_Power.jpg

    1. Plug the battery back in, then plug in AC power transformer.