Simon XT Panel Guide


  • • Compatible models: 3G models with panel firmware version 1.2 or higher and 4G models with panel firmware version 1.3 or higher
  • • Sensors/zones: Up to 39 wireless sensors
  • • Sensor frequency: 319.5 MHz
  • • User codes: 9 user codes; supports 4-digit or 6-digit user codes, programmed locally
  • • Dual-Path: available via Ethernet with Simon XT LTE module


  • • Microphone for emergency two-way communication with monitoring station personnel
  • • User-friendly display clearly displays home status and provides easy arming/disarming of the system
  • • 3.5-inch color LCD screen delivers information at a quick glance
  • • Wireless design facilitates quick, easy installation
  • • Cellular reporting options for cell coverage
  • • Advanced interactive services through the Brinks Home™ App
    • — Four-day forecast for quick, convenient weather planning
    • — Programmable thermostats and lighting promote energy savings with added security

User Functions

Arm Away: Arm Away is used when you plan on arming the system and leaving the home.

To arm away, press the Doors + Windows button and the Motions button together. This will arm your doors, windows, motion, and glassbreak detectors.


Arm Stay: Arm Stay turns monitoring on the doors, windows, and glass-break detectors. This is designed for perimeter devices.

To arm stay, press the Doors + Windows button once.

002 Arm Stay Doors and Windows No Delay Surveillance

Disarm System: This will disarm your system, and it will silence and reset any active alarm.

Press Disarm, then enter your user code to disarm the system.


Check Your System Status:  Checking your system's status will display which sensors are currently open or if any of your sensors are experiencing a trouble condition, such as a low battery.

To check your system's status, press the Status button.



How to Power Cycle the Panel

1. Disconnect the transformer from the power outlet. Remove the top screw, then press the two tabs to open the front cover.

Simon XT Screw

2. Flip the front cover down.

Simon XT Flip Down Front Cover

3. Apply pressure to spread the battery clips, then disconnect and remove battery. Wait several minutes before replacing the battery and restoring power.

Simon XT Battery Clips

5. Reconnect the battery matching the red terminal to the red wire and the black terminal to the black wire.

Simon XT Battery

6. Flip the front cover up to close and finish.

Simon XT Close Front Cover