How to Add a Z-Wave Device to the IQ Hub

The below step-by-step instructions will walk you through how to connect Home Automation devices to the Qolsys IQ Hub:

1. Swipe down on the panel's touch screen to access and select "ADD DEVICE"


2. Select "Include"

3. Press the “Pair” or “Learn” button on the device when the message appears (see the individual device documentation for instructions on button location)

4. Adjust the device name by choosing the appropriate selections

5. Select “Automation” to enable simple light rules

  • Night: Turns light on at 7:00 PMand off at 6:00 PM
    Evening: Turns light on at 7:00 PM and off at 11:00 PM
    Front Door: Turns light on for 15 minutes when the Front Door opens (must have a sensor with the default quick name “Front Door” added in the panel)

6. Click “Add” to save the information and complete the process. Adjustments can be made later from the “Edit Device” icon.