How to Fix Panel Communication Failure on the IQ Hub Panel

There are a number of reasons why the Qolsys IQ Hub may experience broadband communication failure. If your system experiences a communication error, please see below for how to correct this issue.

Most communication failures can be resolved by a quick power cycle to your device.

To do this, you will want to completely power down the system, then disconnect the device from the power outlet and remove the battery for at least 2 minutes.

  1. From the drop-down menu select Settings.
  2. Select Advanced Settings then enter your default installer code 1111.
  3. Select Power Down.
  4. Wait for the panel LED to turn off.
  5. Disconnect A/C power from the outlet.
  6. To access and remove the battery (only after proper power-down procedures), please remove the screw at the top of the panel which secures the panel onto the backplate. then slide up. Turn the panel over to access the battery door.
  7. 001_-_Qolsys_IQ_Hub_Removal_from_Backplate_Instructions.png

  8. With a small screwdriver, remove the screw to open the battery door.
  9. 002_-_Qolsys_IQ_Hub_Back_of_Panel_Clean-Battery_Door_shown.png

  10. Remove battery: pull the fabric tab that is located under the battery to remove it from the panel. Remember to allow 2 minutes for the system to fully discharge and reset before reconnecting the battery.
  11. 005_-_Qolsys_IQ_Hub_battery__focus_on_battery_fabric_.png

  12. To restore the panel, replace the battery and secure it into place using the screw removed from the battery door. Align the panel over the backplate, and slide it down into place. Replace the screw removed to secure the panel to the backplate. Plug the transformer into the power outlet.

Additional Considerations if Power Cycle Did Not Resolve the Issue:

Have you recently experienced a power outage?

The battery which powers your panel during a power outage may need time to recharge fully before there is enough power for the cellular module to communicate. Please allow up to 24 hours for the trouble to pass.

Are there other issues with the power source?

Ensure your panel is powered by an outlet that is not connected to a switch (GFI Switch Outlet) and that it is securely connected to the outlet, and that the outlet is supplying power. You may test the power supply by plugging another device into the outlet.

Is there a potential for signal interference?

Large metal objects and appliances that generate radio frequency can interfere with signaling. Wall materials may also pose an issue. It is best if your system is located near an exterior wall, above ground (not in a basement), and not in the middle of a large structure (like an interior closet far from exterior walls.)

Could there be a failure connecting your panel to broadband?

Wi-Fi connectivity may fail with the carrier or locally at your router. To ensure your panel is connected to Wi-Fi, you can reference these instructions for steps to get connected: IQ Panel 2 - Program Wi-Fi. If you are certain the user name and password are correct, it is recommended that you try to reboot your router.

Could the issue be a temporary cellular outage in your area?

If there’s an interruption of cell service in your area, your system’s communication could be impacted.

If you rely upon, or recently relied upon, a landline for your system to communicate, text Brinks Home at 469.513.8685 to upgrade your panel with the ability to communicate via cellular services. With cellular communication, you get access to remote arming and disarming from your phone. Also, this enables you to transform your home with smart automation devices like remote cameras, thermostats, lights, and door locks.