How to Program a Door/Window Sensor to the IQ Panel 2

Video Instructions:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Swipe down from the clock display to show the settings menu, press Settings, then Advanced Settings.

001a_Enter_Program_01_275x155.jpg 001b_Enter_Program_02_275x155.jpg 001c_Enter_Program_03_275x155.jpg

2. Enter the default installer code 1111 or dealer code 2222, press Installation, then Devices.

002a_Enter_Program_04_275x155.jpg 002b_Installation_01_275x155.jpg 002c_Devices_01_275x155.jpg

3. Press Security Sensors, then Auto Learn Sensors.

003a_Security_Sensors_01_275x155.jpg 003b_Auto_Learn_Sensors_01_275x155.jpg 003c_Auto_Learn_Sensor_01_Learning_275x155.jpg

4. Trip the sensor to learn sensors the device. The IQ Panel 2 will beep if successful, then display sensor settings. Press Ok to add.

004b Toggle Sensor004a_Auto_Learn_Sensor_02_Accept_275x155.jpg 004c_Add_Sensor_52_DL_ID_Entered_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

5. If partitioning is enabled press Partition Name, then select a partition from the list.

005a_Add_Sensor_90_Partition_1_275x155.png 005b_Add_Sensor_91_Partition_2_275x155.png

6. Press Sensor Type, then select the sensor type from the list.

006a_Add_Sensor_53_Sensor_Type_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 006b_Add_Sensor_53_Sensor_Type_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

7. Press Sensor Group then select the sensor group from the list.

007a_Add_Sensor_54_Sensor_Group_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 007b_Add_Sensor_54_Sensor_Group_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

8. Press Sensor Name then select the name from the list or press Custom Description and enter a custom name.

008a_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 008b_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_275x155.png 008c_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_2_275x155.png

9. Press Chime Type, then select a chime from the list.

009a_Add_Sensor_56_Chime_Type_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 009b_Add_Sensor_56_Chime_Type_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

10. Press Voice Prompts, select On or Off, then press Add New to save and exit.

010a_Add_Sensor_57_Voice_Prompt_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 010b_Add_Sensor_57_Voice_Prompt_2.3.0_433_275x155.png 010_cAdd_Sensor_58_Finished_275x155.png

11. Press the Home Button to return to the main menu. Make sure the sensor chimes twice by putting the magnet next to the alignment marker, then separating them to trigger the sensor.

Sensor Information:

  • • Sensor DL ID: Don't touch this option.
  • • Sensor Type: Select Door/Window.
  • • Sensor Name: Select an appropriate name or create a custom description.
  • • Chime Type: This allows you to apply a specific sound to your device when it’s used.
  • Sensor Group: Choose 10 for an entry delay or 13 for instant.
  • Voice Prompts: This allows you turn on or off the vocal chime.

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