GC2/GC2e Panel Guide


This brief instructional video demonstrates how to perform basic functions on the 2GIG GC2 panel.


  • • Speaker/microphone for 2-way audio, audible local alarms, and voice prompts
  • • 3.75" x 2.25" color display touch screen
  • • Emergency button/indicator light
  • • Home button with LED status indicator light



  • • Supports Z-Wave smart home devices
  • • Up to 60 wireless sensor zones
  • • Optional cell radio module
  • • Control the panel remotely via Brinks Home™ Mobile App
  • • Date, time, & weather display
  • • Configure rules for quick arm/exit

Wi-Fi Setup

If you want to use Wi-Fi with a 2GIG GC2 panel, you will need a couple of add-ons. You will need the 2GIG Go!Bridge module, which connects with your IP router through a hardwired ethernet connection. You will also need a 2GIG XCVR-345 module, which allows the GC2 Panel to communicate with the Go!Bridge.

Because this requires additional equipment, a cellular module is recommended for cellular only communication.

Features Unique to the Upgraded GC2e

  • • Improved 5" color display touch screen
  • • Compatible with older 2GIG wireless sensors and Alarm.com cellular modules
  • • Compatible with new 2GIG eSeries encrypted wireless sensors
  • • Photo slideshow and video playback
  • • Z-Wave Plus with S2 encryption
  • • Two-way voice


The following sensors are compatible with the 2GIG GC2e.

  • • 2GIG-DW10E-345 Door Window sensor
  • • 2GIG-DW20E-345 Recessed Door Window sensor
  • • 2GIG-GB1E345 Glassbreak detector
  • • 2GIG-PIR1E-345 Motion detector
  • • 2GIG-KEY2E-345 Keyfob

These sensors are not compatible with the original GC2 GoControl.

Power Cycle Panel

1. Disarm with master or user code, then unplug the power supply.


2. Remove the top screw on top of GoControl, and pry open slots with a screwdriver.

001 2GIG GC2 Screw Top

3. Gently pull the front cover down and hang it from the plastic strap on the backplate.

002 GC2 Hang From Strap

4. Unplug the battery cable from the circuit board. Wait several minutes, then plug it back in.

003 GC2 Replace Battery

5. Reassemble the touchscreen, and plug in the power supply.